Partnering with some of the biggest names in the aviation industry, Maxposure Global is a leader in in-flight publishing. It is a full-service media company spread across the dimensions of content, design, productions, digital solutions, advertising and translation, to take care of every aspect of a project, right from it conception to completion.

We work closely with the client to achieve a product that not only mirrors the brand’s values but also reinforces that with the audience. Our network of resources helps the client to connect with the customer at every stage.
With offices and representation spread across various time zones, Maxposure Global is a true global company providing printed and digital content to leading airlines around the world.

  • Editorial

    MaXposure Global boasts of editorial teams which not only have decades of experience to their credit but are also experts in creating content catering to varied tastes of flyers.

  • Design

    A dedicated team of designers makes sure that each and every product stands out. Having won several awards, our magazines are visually appealing and reader-friendly.

  • Translation

    With a score of titles in our repertoire and native language experts on our panel, we are well-equipped for translation services wherever required.

  • Digital Solutions

    Right from content integration, e-magazines to app development, we provide the client with every digital solution required to connect with its customers.

  • Printing

    Not compromising on any aspect, our magazines are printed with the help of the best of the technology and paper to ensure the best quality product.

  • Advertising

    Enjoying sales representation in over 20 countries, MaXposure Global magazines attract participation from the who’s who of the brand world.